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ADAC Masters - Höchstädt, Saturday

(2008. Oct 11.)

We just arrived to an end of a long, tough season. This race is being held in Höchstädt, where DeDycker and Ramon will be at the start line and the Hungarian champion Janos Borka as well.

Kornel had an annoying day today, because he had technical problems in both of the practices. In the first free practice his back wheel just broken down, in the time practice unfortunately he had problems with his front brakes. This set back Kori to get his best laptime, so he got the 3rd best time in his moto and got 6th place in the overall ranking.

"I'm not satisfied with the result today, it is really sad that problems like this cramp you. The track is very slippery and very hard, it's surface is extremely hard packed and gritty. I hope tomorrow I won't have problems like today and I will be able to do a good race.

We hope so and we wish the best for tomorrow !