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ADAC Masters - Höchstädt, Sunday

(2008. Oct 12.)

The last ADAC Masters race started in Höchstadt, there were sunny weather, so many spectators were near the track today.

Kori had a good start in the first moto, he was at the 3rd position for long time, when De Dycker and Ramon passed him. He was able to stick for a few laps only, after than he dropped behind a bit.

In the second heat Kori was not so lucky than the previous one, because in a big tabletop his front and his rear wheel went in a different track and this avert his bike. He had to push his KTM away and landing on his foot.
He hit both of his wrists and his elbow. Unfortunately his left wrist is maybe broken we will see after the examination tomorrow.

So Kornel was not so lucky today, but he did not need to take too much risk, because Clement Desalle was not reachable today, he finished second in both motos. In the overall ranking Kori stayed at the third position.

We hope his wrist did not brake, we would like to wish fast recovery to him for the winter, and we congratulates for his results in the season.

We will let you know about the result of the examination tomorrow.