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“Heal the world we live in, save it for our children.”

Michael Jackson






God gave us voice and language to speak for all those lost souls, who got into a terrible, undignified situation through no fault of their own, who are deprived of all their God-given rights, and are no longer able to protect themselves.

No child should have to grow up in a world that tolerates the torturing of animals to death. Therefore I raise my voice against the cruel and merciless mutilation of the Korean moon bears. I ask all of you, as sportsmen/sportswomen, to join me in giving a tribute to the real heroes of our world, who are fighting self-sacrificing for our planet’s forgotten creatures, in order to make this world a better place for every living thing.  

China, Vietnam and Korea still promote a huge bear-farming industry, even though the Korean Government itself declared the Korean moon bear, also known as the Asiatic black bear, a protected species in 1982.

The Korean moon bear has a diet consisting chiefly of vegetables and fruits, honey and insects. It is a playful, freedom-loving animal, which is well-known for being of no danger to humans unless threatened. A Korean moon bear can get 20-40 years old under natural circumstances.

3000 years ago the ‘experts for remedies’ declared to having found out that the bile of the Korean moon bear’s gallbladder may have a positive effect in the treatment of various human illnesses, such as liver diseases for example. With this unproven statement one of the cruelest branches of industry in the world was created, the bear-farming industry. Even though the healing power of more than 54 alternative herbal and synthetic formulas had proven that there is absolutely no need and justification for the brutal slaughtering of the Korean moon bears, more than 11000 bears are waiting for death under unbelievably cruel circumstances, while you are reading this report – and this is only the number of the known cases.

Being locked in little dog cages, in which they are not able to stand up, sit up or even turn from one side to another, the captured bears in silent agony endure the catheter’s drawing, which had been inserted in their gallbladder, fixed with a huge metal belt around their waist. These metal belts are usually growing into the bear’s flesh and causing deep flesh wounds on their skin, which often lead to the bear’s death, as no treatment is ever given to them.

Those bears, which got caught in a trap and arrive at the bear farms with wounded and mutilated paws, are sentenced to undergo a unhygienic amputation, loosing one or both of their feet this way. Most of the bears are suffering from unbelievable pain for 20 years or longer, being kept motionless in their cages, and are driven insane by captivity and the bitterly cold Korean winters, which they have to endure without any possibility to hibernate. At long last they die of fright, thirst, starvation and lack of exercise, inasmuch as illness and injury had not led to their painful, lonesome death before. Sad but true: even young animals, which were born at bear farms as a result of illegal breed, are being kept in captivity in their iron prison, wearing the painful metal belt throughout their whole life.

In 1993 the Englishwoman Jill Robinson decided to fight for the Asiatic black bears and founded “Animals Asia Foundation” ( www.animalsasia.org ), after she had seen the cruelty done to bears on a Chinese bear farm. Helping hands from all over the world came to Jill’s support and by now the 247 th bear has been cut out of its iron cage, gotten back a life in freedom and happiness in the Animal Asia’s Rehabilitation Centre, where its diseases and injuries are being treated by veterinary surgeons.

In the meantime Jill, who became the heaven sent advocate of all animals living in Asia, also started to fight against the brutal slaughtering of dogs and cats, which had been put on the menu of most Asiatic countries a long time ago.

Please form your own opinion…
























…scared to death…









…being buried alive in a coffin cage for twenty years…







…or even a whole lifetime…







...and these are only the lucky ones! Because they have been rescued already…







Just like Quantock…

graphics8 graphics9

     …at his arrival…

…and today…







…or Heather…

graphics10 graphics11

     …at her arrival…

…and today…





…just to show you two of the miraculous recoveries that had been made possible in Animals Asia’s Rehabilitation Centre thanks to…







…God’s angel: Jill Robinson, Founder and Head of “AnimalsAsia.org”







…and her wonderful team of helpers…







…who are bringing back to life bears from death’s door…

graphics14 graphics15






…giving them back hope, freedom, health and happiness…













…and helping them forget, what our species had done to their species…

graphics18 graphics19







…after all there is only one question left…

…have you seen what I’ve seen?















This is the face of hope


Don’t think, just do!

Because when everyone gives a little, it can help a lot!

This is the world of our children…

Heal it!






Melinda Kish-Németh













Please D-O-N-A-T-E now!





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Hong Kong Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
A/C #: 400-529004-838
Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
Bank Address: Des Voeux Road Central Branch,
China Insurance Group Bldg,
141 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

UK £ Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
A/C #: 65073616
A/C Sort Code: 089299
Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank
Bank Address: Kings Valley, Yew Street,
Stockport, Cheshire SK4 2JU, United Kingdom
IBAN: GB33 CPBK 089299 65073616

UK Euro Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
Euro A/C #: 080211 0268004394
Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank
Bank Address: Kings Valley, Yew Street,
Stockport, Cheshire SK4 2JU, United Kingdom
IBAN: GB37 CPBK 080211 680043 94

German Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation e.V.
Konto-Nr. 8004996
BLZ 500 700 24
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank PGK AG
Bank Address: Frankfurt, Germany
IBAN: DE57500700240800499600

Swiss Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
A/C #: 40-458255-1
IBank Name: PostFinance
Bank Address: Die Schweizerische Post, Switzerland
BAN: CH0209000000404582551

Austrian Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
A/C #: 52036 217 901
BLZ 12000
Bank Name: Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG,
Vienna, Austria
IBAN: AT60 1200 0520 3621 7901

US Bank Account Details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
A/C #: 604541904
Bank Name: Citibank (West) FSB
Branch #: 321171184
Bank Address: P.O. Box 26892,
San Francisco, CA 94126-6892, USA

Australia Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
A/C #: 10163880
BSB code: 06 5132
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Bank Address: Blackwood, South Australia

New Zealand Bank Account details
A/C name: Animals Asia Foundation
A/C #: 12-3099-0756484-00
Bank Name: ASB Bank
Bank Address: 6-8 Rathbone Street,
Whangarei, New Zealand




You have our deepest gratitude for your support.






Kornel says…



Just in case, you are wondering, why we are collecting money for animals and what this rescue operation has in common with motocross, I’ll try to give you a very simple explanation for it.

Most of you know that I’ve decided to change my philosophy of life in 2004, after a really good friend of mine opened my eyes to a couple of fundamental questions and answers, I had sadly never really thought about before. He told me about racism, money, fame, fortune, the nature of mankind and last but not least he told me about God and the origin of every living thing. And there is one thing, he’s been talking about, I want to tell you about: the meaning of absolute non-violence.

As you may know violence wears a lot of different faces. Certain people use violence to satisfy their personal needs, others use the results of violence to feed their stomach, and then again certain individuals use violence to make plenty of money with it. To me every face of violence is terrible and senseless, but humans very often do not behave like human beings, and unfortunately have been acting this way ever since the birth of mankind.

When I met my wife in April 2006, I’ve already been a vegetarian and so was she. As we’ve been travelling around the world together from one GP to the other, she’s been telling me a millions of sad stories about animals that are sentenced to suffer from horrible pain caused by the hands of us humans. I was pretty impressed by this petite girl, who’s been fighting so hard for the rights of animals since she was nine years old (can you imagine a nine-year-old girl collecting a hundreds of signatures against fur-farming, sending them to the Russian Government???).

When I was seventeen years old and opened the window of my room on a bitterly cold winter night, I thought by myself how lucky I am, to have a warm flat where I can hide from the cold wind. Then I thought of all of those, who have nothing and nobody and have to sleep under bridges not knowing, if they’ll survive the night. Amazing, how easy it is to close the windows, turn the heater higher and sit back in front of the television. But I never wanted to be a person acting like that – and this is, why I’m writing to you.

Many of you are donating to children and sick or invalid persons and that is wonderful, you are fantastic people. But have you ever seen a donation gala for animals on television before Christmas? Or do you know at least just five VIP’s, who are fighting for the rights of animals? Well, I guess you don’t…

Today you can find almost everything on the Internet. So we found out about bears, which are tortured to death for their bile, being abused and mutilated for twenty years or even longer to alive a senseless branch of industry, the bear bile business. In our days, when humans are able to make almost everything out of herbals and synthetics, there is absolutely no need and justification for this cruel business. Unless you think making money with the brutal slaughtering of wild-living animals is something you can deal and live with.

During the last month I lost a few persons, who were very special to me, because they just couldn’t understand the reasons, why I’m not willing to eat meat. They said it’s not my job and responsibility to fight for the rights of animals; I should go on accelerating and keep the speed up and try not to change the world. In other words: My job is to work and obey, not to think or even have an opinion about certain things. I remember someone who said that he would make a sacrifice of a slaughtering hundred bulls just to become world champion, if that was the price for becoming number one once in a lifetime.

In twenty years of riding motocross I had a few very good results. At the end of 2008 I’m able to say, I belong to the fifteen best motocross riders of the world. That’s why I want to use my name to support a fantastic rescue operation and help to ease the unbelievable pain of innocent animals.

If someone would offer me a deal today, which says I should change my opinion about everything and sell my soul to the devil to become the next world champion, my answer would be a simple “no”. Becoming the next number one does not change the world my little son has to live in. It wouldn’t make anyone stop clearing the rain forest and cutting down millions of trees. It wouldn’t stop the extermination of hundreds of animals, which are important to keep the ecological balance of our forests and oceans. It wouldn’t even make anyone think about the legacy of our generation to our children. Would it?

Don’t get me wrong; Racing is my life! Of course I’ll give my very best in 2009! But if each one of us would feel just a little more responsible for our planet, we could make the world a better place for every living thing.

I g uess I’ll never have a half-a-million-dollar car. But I really do think that blood is just not the monetary unit to pay and buy anything with.

Have respect for life! Open a coffin cage!