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ADAC Masters - Teutschenthal, Sunday

(2008. Oct 05.)

There was a very windy day in Teutschenthal today, that is why the organizers abridged the track a bit, they cut off the big tabletop at the down side of the track. The race duration was cut down to 30 mins as well.

Kornel got a good result today, he achieved his goal today, because he got a good 2nd place in the overall rankings. It is so important for the championship, because now, the frenchman Xavier Boog has 73 pts disadvantage of Kornel, so the 3rd place in the final ranking is achieved for sure.

"The first heat was very good for me, my start was good and my race pace was great as well. Unfortunately I made a little mistake and fell down, so I went back to the 5th place. I started to push really hard and finally I was able to manage a 2nd place behind Nagl.

The second moto was much harder for me, I felt myself a bit tired, this is because I did not race during last month, and some of my training sessions was cancelled due to my illness and my knee injury. Finally I was able to get a 4th place which is good for me, I did not want to make mistakes, did not want to take unnecessary risks. I got 2nd place in overall, this is absolutely good for me, I'm very satisfied with this result."

Kori has 22 pts disadvantage from Desalle, so he has chance to go up to 2nd place in the championship next week. We wish the best for Kornel to achieve this.