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ADAC Masters - Teutschenthal, Saturday

(2008. Oct 04.)

Because of his illness and his knee injury, after a moth without race Kornel started the qualifying race today at Teutschenthal.
His knee is still not in hundred precent, after a sand training in Lommel his knee hurted after he put down his leg in a left handed corner. It snapped again a bit, but it was not so serious than the injury at Faenza.

Kori knows this track well, because the field of the ADAC Masters returns here in every year additionally the German GP is being held here for a long time.

During the time practice the field is splitted into two parts, in Kori's heat he got the second fastest time behind Nagl, which is a good result for him. In the other heat, Clement Desalle got the pole position, so Kori will be the third in the start grid tomorrow.

Kornel is pleased with this result, he said that he must be careful in the left handed corners, but he wants a good result anyway, his goal is to stay at least the third position in the standing at the end of the season.