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ADAC Masters - Holzgerlingen, Sunday

(2008. Aug 24.)

As you could see in our last article, the race weekend started really well for Kornel in the 6th round of the ADAC Masters season. He got the pole position yesterday, he was really fast on the track.

Nothing special happened today, there were two very tough races. Nobody made mistakes, there were minor differences between the top 3 riders. Today Max Nagl were the fastest, nobody was able to beat him in both races. Kori's race pace was good, he was consistent, he felt well during the races. He had similar times to Clement Desalle, they had big battle for the 2nd place, but Clement had better starts today, that determined the order.

"I'm satisfied with the result today. The track was much dryer that yesterday, this set back me a bit, but I achieved a top 3 position so I'm happy with the result. Max was too fast for us today, I had a great battle with Clement, we had the same times during the race, but he had better starts, that is why he was able to beat me."

Scott Columb (who is one of Kornel's best friend) got a good 9th place in Belgium today, we would like to congratulate for him.

Today there were a round of the Hungarian Motocross championship in Monor as well, we would like to congratulate to Laszlo Czuni for the victory and to Laszlo Kerner for his 4th and 6th position!