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Irish GP - Kornel will not be there

(2008. Aug 30.)

Unfortunately Kori got flu this week, that is why he won't be in the start line tomorrow. After his training in wednesday he felt himself pretty bad, he had sore throat and headache. This problems rose on thursday.

"On wednessay, after my riding practice I knew that something is wrong with me. I had sore throat and headache and I felt myself very weak.
On thursday I went to my doctor, who diagnosed a flu caused by a virus. By night, I got high temperature, I had very big pain in my throat and I got huge headache and pain in my whole body. I could fly to Ireland on friday, but unfortunately my disease did not get better. I discussed it with my doctor and my boss and we agreed that would be the best if I would stay at home this weekend."

We really sorry this incident, and we wish the best for Kori to get over this disease!

Scott Columb got the 26th position during the time practice today, we would like to wish good luck for the race tomorrow!