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ADAC Masters - Holzgerlingen, Saturday

(2008. Aug 23.)

That was a great start of Kori's race weekend, because today he got the pole position for sunday races. He likes this track because it is fit to his style, it is wide and has really fast corners and many jumps.

The state of the ground was excelent today, everything was prepared for a good result today.

By 2:03.97 Kori was the fastest in the time qualification, he is followed by the french Florent and the german Nagl.

"I have always been fast on this track, it is good for me because it has fast corners and has a lot of jumps. That was really great to ride on the track today it was in perfect condition. I will choose start position firstly tomorrow, it is not so important for the race, but it is really positive for my psyche. It is good to know that I'm the fastest on the track

We really looking for the race tomorrow !