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ADAC Masters - Gaildorf, Sunday

(2008. Aug 17.)

After the time practices in saturday, the staff prepared the track well for sunday. The ground was in perfect state today for the 45th Gaildorf ADAC Masters race. As we mentioned our last article yesterday, the track is pretty tight, that is good for Kori, he just needed good starts.

In the first heat he grabbed the 2nd place and held it through the whole race. He felt quite confident on this surface and his race pace was very good. His fastest lap (1:58.82) was only a half second slower that Nagl's best one. The race had good pace, Kornel got the checked flag in 2nd place.

In the second moto Kori grabbed the holeshot, which is definitely good news due to his problems with the starts in the past. This is very promising because in Loket last week he got a really good start in the second heat as well.
He lead the race for around 10 minutes when Nagl passed him but Kori was able to manage to keep DeDycker for the whole race. In this moto Nagl was faster than Kori, our favorite did not want to take too much risk, because DeDycker was 30 seconds behind them.

"The gap was pretty small between Nagl and me in the first moto, that was a very good battle between us. I was almost able to catch him in the 15th min.
In the second race I got the holeshot, I had led the race for around 10 mins when Nagl passed me. He was faster than me in this moto and DeDycker was far behind us, so I did not want to take unnecessary risks.
I'm very satisfied with the result, I had good feeling in the whole weekend, my pace was good and I was able to manage clear motos.
It was positive to met a lot of Hungarian fans here, I very appreciate their support for the whole weekend."

Great result from Kornel again this weekend, especially he spent most of his time in hospitals this week. He got many checkups, cuppings so he was not able to do his training session this week.

Here were also two other hungarian riders this weekend as well. Janos Borka started in the MX1 class while Patrik Sziklavari joined to the junior field.

Jani managed a good start in the first heat, but in the second corner he ran up against somebody and he dropped down in the field. He was able to reach the 19th position in the first moto, so it is a good result for him.
In the second race he got a good start again, but unfortunetely a stone broke his goggles so he had to give up the race, because it would be very dangerous to ride without goggles here.

Patrik had a good weekend also, he was able to manage two 25th positions with a really consistent riging. Great results.

Congratulations for them!