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Winning at Frankenbach

(2011. Mar 16.)

This was the 41th round in the Winter Cup series in Frankenbach. The traditional race had pretty big names in the entry list, including Kornel as well.

The track is hard-packed, opposite to the previous race at Dolle, which is a sandy one. It is pretty cool to race these kind of different surfaces before the season, because this could improve your self-confidence.

The start was not so good in the first moto, Kornel got 5th in the first corner. During the race he maintained a good race pace, he was able to get up to 2nd by the end. He felt himself well, his fitness seemed to be good.

In the second race Kornel got a better start, he managed to turn as 4th in the first turn, and was able to find himself in the lead within a few laps. He could keep the gap, he had better race-pace and he felt pretty well on the bike this time as well.


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