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First win for Kornel Nemeth!

(2010. Aug 09.)

The hard work finally paid off and after those unlucky races Kornel Nemeth rode his best races in this season and clinched his first overall win in the Canadian Championship. He showed better results race by race and the long awaited victory finally arrived.

This round was in Sand Del Lee, which is close to Kornel’s team, just 2 hours away. The track was a little bit hard packed but mostly sandy, and the rainy weather just made things even harder.


The sky was overcast all day long, there was a good chance for raining, what wasn’t last too long. It was raining a little bit in the first MX1 moto, then it stopped, but for the second moto it really started to rain.

In the first race Kornel got a good start, he was 4th and he came up quickly. Few laps later he was chasing Kyle Keast for the 2nd position and some laps before the chequered flag was waved Kornel passed him and clinched the 2nd place.

The weather got worse in the second race, but Kornel did his best result in the season. After a great start he was just waiting for the best moment to take over the lead from Klatt. It was just a few laps to go when Klatt made a mistake, so Kornel won the moto confidently.


I’m very happy for my victory. I already felt on the qualification that I can win, because I rode easily fast lap and didn’t get tired at all on the fast lap. In the first race I started in top 5 and I worked my way up to 2nd position. My second start was better and I came up easily. When I arrived behind Klatt I still had my googles on. I saw he is flustering in the lines and making many mistakes, so I just waited for the moment, what actually came because he couldn’t stay in the line in a corner and fell down. So he made it easy for me. The last two laps were hard without the googles, specially that my contact lenses doesn’t like the sand and mud. I really happy, that all my hard works and efforts paid off.” – said Kornel after the race.


Kornel Nemeth improved on his championship standing again due to his fantastic result. The previously second, Kiniry had two zeros during the day, so Kornel didn’t only improved his position but also made a confident gap against Kiniry.


There’s only one round left in the Canadian Championship, this coming Sunday in Walton.


Championship standings after 8 rounds:



Dusty Klatt



Kornel Nemeth



Bobby Kiniry



Kyle Keast



Mason Phillips



Troy Adams