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Czech Republic - Loket

(2008. Aug 11.)

Kornel does not like Loket's track, he waited for this race after all, because there are the utmost hungarian fans, because this track is the closest to Hungary.

Because of the makings of the track, the riders were pretty close to each other during the time practice, Kori got the 16th place, that can be marked as a moderated performance from him, but as he promised he did everything what he could do on sunday to get the highest position at the races.

He finished two opposite motos on sunday. In the first one, he got a solid start, he was around the 20th place in the first corner and he went through on the finish line as the 20th rider in first lap. He started a huge chargement, his pace was very good, he passed a few riders during the race. His speed was consistent, he was able to make some really nice pass as well, that was remunerated with big ovations by the hungarian fans.

In the second moto the opposite happened. He got an extremely good start, he almost got the holeshot but unfortunately he could not pick up the speed quickly. He went down 4-5 places during the first lap and lost a few ones in the remaining race. He was the 12th in the final classification, that is a really good result if you would not see the race, but from the start point of view, the fans could expect more.

"Generally, the weekend was good for me. In the first moto my start was not good enough but I was able toe manage a top 10 position anyway.
After the first race, I got an extremely big headache, I discussed it with my doctor and with my team so I got two painkillers, decreased my ability of being focused.
During the warm-up lap of the second moto, I got definitely big headache after the jumps, I thought I will not finish the race. My start was perfect, I was the 2nd in the first corner but I was not able to get the right rythm so I lost positions.
I would likt to produce a start like this when I will not have headache and on a track what I like. I would like to say thank for the Hungarian fans, that gave me a fantastic feeling to ride in a kind of environment."

This happened in sunday, but the day was not over. During on his way on his home, he felt himself very bad, so he stopped at a petrol station. He thinks that he swooned for a while, so he went to a hospital for investigating the healthy issue. Currently he is still at the hospital for a checkup, the doctors says that he would not have been doing physical excersises with those pills so presumably that caused the problems. Kornel is fine, there are no major problems with his healthy. We are going to provide news as soon as we can.