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Kornel Nemeth raced again the Hungarian Championship

(2010. Jul 07.)

There’s a break now in the Canadian Championship so Kornel Nemeth traveled home and he was at the start gate on the 5th round of the Hungarian Championship. Unfortunately the race didn’t go too well for him, he couldn’t finish the first race, but in the second even he went down in the beginning of the race, could finish second.


My day before the race didn’t go too well. I arrived Hungary 6 pm and started to sort out things for next day’s race. We worked on my suspension with Zoli Havasi, so it was around 3 am when I get to the bed. I missed the first practice which wouldn’t have been a problem if I know the track, but I’ve never had race here yet. In the qualification race my engine didn’t spin out properly, so I could do only a few fast laps. During the day I was tired and did feel the jetlag too. My start was pretty good in the first race but I ran out of tear-offs quite early. By then I learned the track and could pass Bence Szvoboda, I had no more tear-offs. So I decided it’s better to quit the race.


My second start was terrible, even though I jumped out good from the start gate, I did something wrong. The lens that keeps the tear-offs broke down because of a stone in the first straight, so I was racing again without tear-offs. In the 5th corner I went down, but I couldn’t get over that big gap. Even I think I was good in the second race, I wasn’t in such a racemood at all during the day. I was disorganized and the startplace I chose wasn’t a good one. Jani Borka was racing really good, congrats to his double victory. Thank to my father who put together my bike that was in pieces after I traveled to Canada, and also to my mechanic, Toto :-)”