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The Canadian championship begins, the nth108.com is back

(2010. Jun 04.)

 Hi Everybody,


Firstly, we would like to thank you for your patience, because the site was not updated in the last few weeks and it was turned off for a few months in the past. This happened mainly because Kornel's actual season was pretty ambiguous, we did not know where will he race this year for long time.

Finally he signed for a full season of the Canadian MX championship which is a great news for all of us. We will inform you about the results and the details after every race as usual. We try to provide as many news, pictures as possible, Niki Makk will be in touch with Kornel, she will serve fresh news after the races.


Kornel has arrived to Canada last week, though the Canadian Championship starts this weekend, he already won a local race. The race took place in Ste Julie in perfect but a little bit windy conditions, and Kornel took the win in both 15 minutes +2 laps motos. 

Kornel: „My first race went well, I didn’t really like the track, but things went good. The Canadian Championship starts this weekend in Kamploos, BC, I feel good, everything is fine, my bike is excellent, so and I’m really looking forward to the first race.”