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ADAC Masters - Ried

(2009. Jul 17.)

 The track was great condition th the 4th round of the ADAC Masters German motocross championship. There were  10000 spectators, great atmosphere and excellent weather, so perfect conditions for racing.

The track is very fast in general but there are a few slow hairpins that does not good for Kornel because of his weight, otherwise he enjoyed the truck very much, the other hard thing was the gritty surface, that can be very dangerous.

In the first moto his start was not really good and he struggled with the other riders and that was really hard to move to the top riders, but Kornel managed this, he finised 4th in the first race.

In the second moto his start was bad again, but in this race he found his rythm and got very good pace, so he climbed up to 2nd by the end of the race, right behind Roczen who won the race.


Kornel said:

"Before this race I spent the whole week in Hungary, so this helped me a lot. This is because usually I can not ride every day at home in Germany, so that was a good practice for this race.

My first moto was bad I think, I got bad start, could not find the good rythm and could not ride my own race.

The second moto was the opposite of the first, although the start was bad again, but I found my pace and I was able to move up to the very top.

In summary I'm really satisfied with the result, there were many Hungarian spectators I saw so many Hungarian flags, so that was excellent to ride here this weekend. I hope they really enjoyed the race and liked my rigind as well.

It helps me a lot, so I really want to say thank you for every supporter."


Congratulations for Kornel and congratulations for Bence Szvoboda as well, because he finished 8th in the young class. He is really tough guy, because he threw down his glasses in a moto, there were many small screes in the surface, so his face not really enjoyed this movement :) Hes eyes survided this, so there were no big problem fortunately.


So Kornel got a 4th and a 2nd place, in overall he got the 2nd place in the race. Schiffer got 40 points as well, so the difference between them did not change. Kornel still leads the championship by 24 points, this is the most important thing.