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Second place in Tollwitz

(2009. Apr 07.)

 Kornel had finished his very first cross-country race last weekend. Firstly he felt himself a bit scared, because he did not know the circumstances, but this feeling just disappeared after a few minutes.

The riders are more straightaway than in the motocross races, maybe this is because in CC there are not so much face to face fights. These riders fights against the track rather than themselves.


Kornel said:

"To be honest, I was scared about the race a bit.  I have not had encurocross race ever, this was my very first time. That was a bit strange I have not had any laps on the track, after the start I picked up the track with full throttle. That was a bit dangerous I think, I wanted to be smart and I did not take too much risk at the beginning of the race. The whole race was insane a bit, because I did not know the riders, I was not even be able to decide if the rider in a front of me is a lapped rider or I have to fight for a position with him.

So there were new circumstances for me and I think I have absolved the challenges very well. I'm very satisfied with the result, but it could be better if I would not stop my bike in the rock section three times. I think I lost more than one minute there, because one time my bike just did not want to start. That was very annoying to loose 3-4 positions three times.

In summary, it was a really good first race, I'm really looking for the next ones. I had no problem with my fitness as well, so this is a really positive I think."


The race was won by the previous enduro world champion Simo Kirssi on his BMW.

We congratulate to Kornel for this good result and we are absolutely sure that he will be able to get more shiny medal in the next races.