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(2009. Mar 22.)

 Today was the first big battle for the premier class in Hungary. Unfortunately we missed some top riders like Czuni, Borka, Lecz, but we had Bence Szvoboda with his new KTM 450, Balazs Deczi, Laszlo Kerner, Bencsik, Peter Hujber and so on.


Kornel looked for this day very much, because he has not been race for for five months. He wanted to know whether his knee is ready for the racing.


We had shiny but windy day, unfortunately the wind drained the track, so it made it powdery and slippy a bit.

Kornel won both of his races, he had self confidence and his race speed was impressive.


"To be honest, I was in a fever a bit because I have nod had race for five months. I'm extremely happy with this result, I had two perfect races, but my race pace was not good enough, because have not had practice on surface like this for a long time ago. Sometimes I was too aware I think, but in summary I'm pleased with this result.

I would like to congratulate for Bence, he was pretty fast today.


I would like to say thank you for KTM Dunafoldvar, he provided my bike and repaired it all the night yesterday to prepare it for race and I would like to say thank you all of my supporters / fans, it was an extremely good feeling to race here now. "