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Good race for Kornel but out of luck

(2010. Jul 20.)

Kornel Nemeth traveled back to Canada last week to continue his marching in the Canadian Championship.

The event took place on the very sandy Gopher Dunes track, as Kornel said the track was very rough. The weather was nice and he could have achieved this season’s best result, if finally the luck would have been on his side. The first training he had the 7th laptime then finished 4th in the qualifying practice racing only one fast lap, because his clutch broke down.


The first start wasn’t the best, he was around 10-15 in the first lap, but after four lap he was racing in the 5th position, later he could improve. Though Kornel finished 3rd, couldn’t be happy with it, after the race got a 10 position punishment because he made a pass by waving the yellow flag, so officially finished 13th.

He went to the startgate with bitter feelings after such a decision, but the outcome was much better. Kornel had a decent start, he was 4th already in the first lap, in the next he took one more step forward and kept the 3rd place until the chequered flag.


I arrived Thursday afternoon back to Canada, but didn’t feel the jetlag at all. The second training didn’t go well, something happened to my clutch, but it was fixed for the race. I could have push a little more, because I didn’t get tired too much and maybe then I could get the 2nd place. As it turned out later, I could have done whatever because got protested because I passed when the yellow flag was waved, so they put me with 10 positions back. This really made me sad. My second start was very good, I was around 6th place and quickly made it to 3rd, but unfortunately the first two made off in the first lap. I got tired by the half of the race and I went down 2 laps before the end. I finished 3rd easily. I should have been 2nd overall and now I would be 5th in the championship. I don’t like when others judge my job, specially that it wasn’t right what the referee said.”


Kornel finished 6th overall. In the championship he is now 7th with 134 points.

The next round of the Canadian Championship will be this Sunday in Ste. Julie.